Frank García, hailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has dedicated over 20 years to enriching the musical scene, particularly in the realm of Tribal & Afro House music. His approach has always been to blend traditional influences with genre innovations, establishing him as a prominent figure in the Canary Islands.

Beginning his career in the most iconic clubs of Las Palmas, such as Pacha and Chic, his passion and commitment to music quickly captured attention beyond the islands. Throughout his career, Frank has had the honor of sharing stages with influential figures in electronic music, including DJs of the caliber of Marco Carola, Steve Bug, and David Squillace, as well as more mainstream artists like Pitbull and Juan Magán. These experiences have not only enriched his musical perspective but also strengthened his international presence.

As a producer, he has created tracks that have resonated across the globe, with releases on esteemed labels like Subliminal Records and Privilege. Songs like «One Day» and «Now is the Time» are testament to his ability to connect with global audiences through music.

Beyond his success in clubs and festivals, Frank has taken his passion to the airwaves, directing programs on stations such as UniverDance and Máxima FM, and currently leads Wavecollective Records. This label reflects his commitment to nurturing and promoting new talent in the Canary Islands.

His journey showcases not only his dedication and skill but also his humility and respect for every opportunity and collaboration he has encountered, always learning and contributing to the musical community. Frank is driven by a heartfelt mission: «My goal is to always continue creating music that moves people emotionally. I want my tracks to be more than just sounds; they should evoke feelings and memorable experiences.»